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warplane that is to be used by the air force, navy, and the marine corps. it is the replacement for the f-16. our new advanced all-purpose fighter jets. it was a plane that was supposed to be in the skies. it is still in development, is an incredibly troubled program, it has gone tens of billions of dollars over budget. i borrow again to this program as a way to write about the overall challenges. this program is singular in terms of its cost overruns, delays, and the way it has been structured. its most affected attribute the not be all of its radars and sensors and missiles and stealth technology and the ability to fight at supersonic speeds. it may well be the way it has been designed to evade budget cutters in washington. >> what is the difference between e f-35 and the f-22? 22 has had its share of technical troubles. the was supposed to be height and fighter. the replacement for the f-15. it is a real high performance fighter. it is meant to win against any potential adversary in dogfights. to have fewer f-22 and then you would have more of the f-35. , forwould be the mainstay the n
south of here and take you to afghanistan. as you know we have marines, soldiers, sailors in afghanistan currently, but i'm going to bring you to when i was there during 2010 and 2011 after the president decided to surge the forces. first marine decision, first marine expeditionary force forward entered southwest afghanistan during 2009. we arrived in 2010 so it was a bit more stable. and we went straight to helman and nimruz province. very complex dynamic environment that we were operating in but before i begin it talk to you about the operational picture, i just want to give you a snapshot of afghanistan. when we got there i want to set the frame here so you understand what we're dealing with. afghanistan ranged 180th out of 1 86 on the world bank list of developed countries. 20 percent of the babies won't reach their first year of life. there is a 44 year life span for your average citizen. it has a less than 20 percent literacy rate and girls in afghanistan will marry by the time they are 15 and will likely birth their second child by the time they are 20. so this
that provides the overview. >> i talked a little bit about mou's and relationships with the marines. maybe we can talk about how is the national guard and dod resources and capabilities integrated into the command and control at the fire and also the supporting ops centers whether it be the gac or other centers down there. maybe our military personnel can talk about that, or ray. >> it's important to note that we are the supporting effort to cal fire and we get called in when they are basically out of assets. we are working for cal fire, they are the incident commanders, we follow their coordination, typically we're the last ones in and the first ones out. we do have an on-going relationship with cal fire, i'm in contact with cal fire all the time. we have good situational awareness what's going on in the state of california. they normally put us in an alert stat us so we're prepared to respond in an attack mode. i don't often work with chief chaney in southern california, about a month ago we had 9 aircraft at our peak working fires throughout northern california if that answers your q
lieutenant colonel dana, marine corps installation west. thank you. let me go ahead and start off by talking a little bit and just going back over some of the discussions yesterday that i think are going to play into this discussion. we had vice admiral beeman talk a little bit yesterday about capabilities and vice admiral zunkoff talked about partnerships, unity of effort, unity of command. mayor lee talked about dod efforts, expertise, community efforts and as we go into all those discussions today you will see best practices applied during the 10 years from those fires. i have the pleasure of working for administrator fuget in fema headquarters. fema's role is to coordinate response between state and local governments and his focus, his direction to us really comes down it 3 things. he asks us to always plan for the worst case, the maximum of the maximums and it's go to see the department of defense is incorporating this within the catastrophe policy that was spoken about a little earlier. no. 2, he asked us to sppbld and are able to stabilize an incident within 72 hours. his mantra i
span will open by labor day as originally scheduled. >>> in marin county sheriffs investigators are looking for witnesses after dozens of shots were fired between two cars yesterday. no one was injured, but our reporter shows you how bullets narrowly missed a mother and two children. >> the mom was sitting in the back seat of her suv with her daughter's sitting beside her. they were just about to get home when her cousin saw two cars speeding behind us. >> one got alongside and started to shoot. >> the three-year-old was almost hit by a bullet fragment. meanwhile julien was in the living room with his young son when he heard the shots coming from the street. >> i hear the cars coming because you could hear the engines and then i hear four shots. bam, bam, bam, bam! i jump, tell my son to get down because i don't know where the shots are coming from. i'm a little angry because, you know, who wants to think about their child being shot up in front of your house, no less. >> moments before and less than a mile down the street witnesses describe a spray of bullets between shooters i
, i in some ways kind of ruin the good name of the marine corps, but i'll do my best to make it up. the first book, you know, i didn't mean to write it. i'm not a writer. that's not what i do full time. and the only reason that i wrote it was because, um, i really felt like i let my men down when i was at war because, it's hard to explain, but if you have a 19 or a 20-year-old and he charges a machine gun because he's worried that his buddies under fire are going to take more wounds and he runs at the thing thinking he's going to die but hopefully he can save them and he lives through it, the only thing you can do as his officer or as his leader reward him is give him a medal. you can't give him a vacation, a bonus, a to motion or pay raise. the only thing you can do is take a little bit of ribbon, a medal and pin it to his chest and say, hey, congratulations, marine, thank you for what you did. i didn't do enough of that so when i was leading my marines i got into business school, and i thought there's something i've got to make write. i can't go back and write 'em up for the awa
to our military that's here today, to the army, the navy, the military in general, the marines, the coast guard, even i saw a couple air force running around here yesterday. the fact that you are here and you are in san francisco and you do this every year, it says a lot. because we lack at -- look at this as a good week. we have a great working relationship and after being there and seeing that it's not a good relationship and people get really, really tense when the guys in green show up, it makes me appreciate what we have all the more. there's one other thing i really appreciate, by the way, and i'll direct this to general speese being the trainer that he is, i got a whole new appreciation for muzzle discipline back there. i appreciate the fact that we drill that into our personnel that don't point anything you don't want to shoot at. because there's one point i was actually in our little van behind a truckload of soldiers and there were a lot of automatic weapons, everybody with fingers on the triggers and muzzles going everywhere and i'm, look, can we just back off a little bit?
met this week to find a solution to the problem. >>> in marin county, sheriffs investigators are looking to witnesses after dozens of shots were fired between two cars yesterday. no one was injured but "abc 7 news" reporter sergio quintana shows how bullets narrowly missed a mother and two children. >> she was sitting in the back seed of her cousin's suv with her daughter sitting beside her. she was about to get home when she saw two cars speeding behind them. >> he pulled over and one-first car got on the side of us, he begun shooting at us. >> the three-year-old was hit by a frag meant. he heard the shot shots coming from the street. >> i hear four shots and i jump and i tell my son to get down because i don't know where the shots are coming from. i'm a little angry, who wants to think about their child being shot up. >> reporter: just moments before and less an a mile down the street they industry describe a spray of bullets. a stray bullet from this exchange, hit the fence and came into the house. woman who lives here asked us not to identify her because she is worried fo
. >>> in marin county sheriffs investigators are looking for witnesses of a dozens of shots were fired between two cars yesterday. no one was injured but our reporter shows you how bullets narrowly missed a mother and two children. >> the mom was sitting in the back seat of her suv with her daughter's sitting beside her. they were just about to get home when her daughterra two cars speeding behind us. >> one got alongside and started to shoot. >> the three-year-old was almost hit by a bullet fragment. meanwhile julianne was in the living room when his young son when he heard the shots coming from the street. >> i hear the cars coming because you could hear the engines and then i hear four shots. i jump, tell my son to get down because i don't know where the shots are coming from. i'm a little angry because, you know, who wants to think about their child being shot up in front of your house, no less. >> moments ago and less than a mile down the street witnesses industry a spray of bullets between shooters in two different vehicles at the corner of flemings court and terrace avenue. a stray bull
we served together in the marine corps. i can tell you he's been with fleet week for 3 years now and the one thing about mel, he's got a lot of ideas and he accepts no as an interim answer because a lot of things that he wanted to do to make fleet week better originally the answer from authorities was no. and he made some amazing things happen just through his will. a commander can will things to happen. and i really want to thank you, mel, for that whole peer to peer medical exchange was your idea and it was just a huge hit and i thank you so much for that. he's offered to be the pifrplg hitter for admiral roughhead who was captured back in massachusetts and couldn't make it back out here and with his experience, one thing about melvin speese, he is the premiere taipber in the marine corps. please help me welcome major general melvin speese >> well, of course i am not admiral roughhead, mr. secretary, but i did spend the night at marine's memorial club so i think i'm able to fill in okay. as general my dsz at said, i've had the p opportunity to purpose in fleet week over the
. the clouds are lingering so the cool marine layer clouds are out there and so is the breeze that brings them. it is just a matter of time before it works inland and it will to a certain extent. we are only in the mid-to-upper 70's by lunch time where we are well in the 80's in most areas away from the coast year. 61 at the coast and 57 is the 4:00 temperature and in the mid 70's to 80 so no record high temperatures today. it will be milder this evening and easier to be outside and mid-60's around the bay and low 70's inland and mid-50's at the coast. moving failure, we are going do see temperatures drop all the way through thursday back to where they should be for this time of the year. now a check of forecast. any potential hot spots? >> we do, and the picture is showing the drive along the san mateo bridge and it is moving along but we do have the ongoing construction at the toll plaza and that is going to were what up at 5:00 a.m., all to install automatic tolls. the drive to san francisco, we have a couple of construction projects in san jose, the first one here, southbound 880, we have
for joining us, admiral. (applause). from secretaries and generals to marin county search and rescue over there to nert members, it's a great mix of people and i think that integration is crucial because when we're preparing before during and after a disaster response, everyone in this room has a role to play in one way or another. and it's a great mix. and having been a former fire fighter this topic is important to me. when you think about one point, 1 million fire fighters around the country, they take 2 million calls a year or more to help people in times of need. 63,000 wild fires get beyond their initial attack capability every year, burning over 6.7 million acres. there are over 95 percent effective, they do a great job, but every so often you get that season or that issue that is going to escape or go beyond their ability to stop it right away and right now currently the u.s. forest service that helps provide a lot of air resources and seasonal fire fighters is at the point at the end of that season where every pay period they have to justify keeping those air aviation contract
knew we were wrong. but my marine were being sent. and to not, to not go was intolerable to me. and upon returning from that tour, of course, is when everything went wonderfully in terms of seeing my child but terribly in losing my parents and losing friends throughout that entire tour, that was the tour i was wounded, i left cold at 16 years. you get money after being there for 20 like for life. but i walked. because i knew that that sense of responsibility was inescapable. i would never be able to not watch a television, see marines go in, and if i were capable, if i were still able, to justify not going with them despite the fact that i had every reason in the world to justify not going with them. you know? i had a wife and a child and no one to help them in my ab especially. -- absence. but the danger is you begin to feel like you are somehow important to it. that somehow your abilities, scarce as they are, make you usefullingful and that to turn y that part of your life is to betray a great, a great expectation. even though the ma reens don't -- marines don't care. one col
twins were 15 months old, she was deployed in iraq for seven months, with a marine surgical unit. her book, "rule number two," is about her experience in iraq. today she is a consultant for the navy and the marines ptsd, post traumatic stress disorder treatment programs. please become, dr. heidi squier kraft. [applause] >> well, good morning. so, i have been doing fair amount of speaking over the last few years, and i have to say that i'm quite certain this is my first talk in which the vice president warmed up the audience for me. it may not be the last, but it is the first. and i wish he was here to hear me say that and then their respectfully say, thank you, sir, for such a good job. it's an honor to be with you here today. how many veterans of our country's military do we have in the audience today? thank you all very much for your service. [applause] >> i was sharing with my terrific sponsors last night that, doing this many speeches, sort of becomes a little desensitized, and sometimes it's emotional, and the reasons are sometimes obvious, like memorial day. other times it can b
that our troops and sailors and marines and soldiers would see if they departed for the pacific theater in world war ii and korea and vietnam, and also the first thing they would see upon returning back to the bay area. so, between the presidio and the head lands, we now have wonderful park lands that have been converted. we call it converting from post to park. repurposing those lands from national defense to environmental defense. and i believe it is probably the most accessful base conversion in the united states. if you haven't been to the presidio, i think you should try and make that. if you're from out of town, it's a spectacular transition there. so, these golden gate national parks that i happen to be the superintendent of has now become after 40 years the second most visited national park in our country. we get 14 million people a year that come to our parks. it has spectacular coastline, includes muir wood, alcatraz, we get to tell the stories, stories about essentially what you and your predecessors did this this area. our headquarters, fort mason, was the fisherman's wharf
. they further stated, marine corps commandant james jones, the tragedy is that these were all good marines joined in a challenging mission. unfortunately, the pilots drive to accomplish that mission appears to have been the fatal factor. mr. speaker, what the family and myself have been battling for since the year 2000 is that the experts have said that the pilots did not understand how it impacts the v-22. vortex marine state is understood in most helicopters, but the v-22 was new and they had not done any testing at all . and mr. speaker, i want to read the paragraph from connie gruber when she asked me to look into this. this was dated december 10 of 2002. with so many wrongs in the world we cannot make right, i ask that you proudfully consider an injustice that you can help make right. i realize you alone may not be able to amend the report, but you can certainly support my efforts to permanently remove this black mark from my husband's honorable military service record. military leaders continue to refuse to amend this report, but i am certain that there must be other means of making
-- what the business is saying about it. >>> and the marin ballet celebrates 50 years on the loca ♪ male narrator: there's something positive being generated in california. when ordinary energy is put in the hands of extraordinary people, amazing things happen. the kind of things that drive us to do more, to go further, to be better. we're dedicated to being a company you can count on, because you've always been customers we believe in. your energy plus ours. together, there's no limit to what we can achieve. lets you go from working hard... to hardly working. ♪ big sales that help you get away. that's how we fly. act fast! these are the final days to grab flights all over the country as low as $59 one-way. hurry and book now, only at we are southwest. welcome aboard. >>> visitors were turned away today. staff walked out to protest a growing problem with pick pockets. crowds of tourists gathered outside the my you see yum, all disappointed as you can imagine. many arranged vacations around visiting the louvre. many of thieves are said to be gangs of children who get into
panel that we have here. back in april of 1992, i was commanding the first marine division and we had been to the gulf war and we had a lot of parades and we were feeling pretty good about things and on 30 april, 1992, the results of the rodney king trial were announced. two days later, we found the first marine division deployed to compton and watts and one of the most horrific sights i'd ever seen. it was the largest riot in u.s. history. 3,000 people were injured, 60 people were killed, and we actually ended up at one point in time having to use live ammunition. but once we did, the bloods and the krips and the gangs there realized we were serious. the reason we got involved is because they learned none of the police departments within los angeles could talk to each other on their communications gear. they had a different piece of equipment in the los angeles county sheriff's department than the police department or the compton police or the watts police or whoever. we ended up, we were providing radios so they could talk to each other. and i said that that should never happ
's a marine rock that's mostly silica. you find it in these layers, sandstone layers. if you are especially in a marine or water environment, you will find this layer of chert. it's in all colors, purple, green, red, blue. it's a beautiful rock. . >> one thing i wanted to ask you, the review in the paper recently on sunday said that your book is different from all the other books about the anastazi because you brought out some of the non-flattering parts of their culture like violence. how did you conclude that they were a violent culture? . >> well, i didn't necessarily conclude they were a violent culture, i just concluded there was violence in their culture. the evidence is very clear where you find masker sites, where every place you drop a trench there are bodies, unburied bodies missing their heads, in some cases where there will be a head in one room and you can match it up to the body which is in another room 100 yards away and they didn't just end up there; somebody took the head off. and there will be places where it's all femurs, all gathered together. and places where it's obvio
annapolis, md., has been the training ground for the officers that served in the navy and marine corps. we will introduce you to some of the key players at the naval academy and discuss the role of the navy in america's 21st century warfare. joining us from the center is the individual who oversees the academy, vice admiral michael miller, the superintendent. thank you for allowing us into the academy. guest: thank you so much. it is a pleasure to have you invited here. i wish you could see it, it is beautiful on the banks of the river. host: it is a picture-perfect day here in washington, d.c. as well, spring finally arrived. founded in 1845, you have seen a lot of changes in the last 50 years. what is your mission? guest: producing ethical career of serve a naval service. we mold them into the future leaders. not just the navy and marine corps, but serving the nation. host: we have a look at the budget for the naval academy. $139 billion. numbers,ok at these breakdown where the money goes. how are you funded? guest: we are funded from appropriated dollars from the congress. it is much mo
can put things back to work. so that was the command of control exercise. we had the marine corps, the navy, and the national guard all working with our department of public works figuring out how would they work together. we didn't give them a lot of coaching, we just kind of put them in a tent and said here is your scenario, here's some problems, and we wanted them to work it out and they did. so it was a very successful year. that's what we did as far as the field exercises. next year i don't know what's next, we're going to explore the lessons learned from this one, we've already learned a bunch, they're going to talk about this shortly then learn what are the next scenarios we can challenge people with. it probably won't be the same ones. we are building the institutional relationships and getting beyond the scenario. it's not just about the heavy equipment operators, it's about city of san francisco staff and departments understanding how the military works and giving the military a chance to work with the civilian authority in a non-crisis environment so that when they h
perspective, the marine perspective, the national guard, what training exercises are you doing right now to integrate with cal fire or other local governments to make sure that we're ready for this fire season? >> well, as far as i expressed earlier, we have the springtime exercise. that was our fifth annual one. we will obviously continue that through. just like we were speaking about yesterday, maturing the process in our relationships as well. what we're doing here is again in a typical marine corps fashion, we're going to move this forward into a more combined arms event. we have been previously doing the aviation operations but now we do have a robust capability within the one map on the air in aviation site on the ground piece as well as far as we have built in the plan as far as getting dozers, things like that, the logistical piece and making it a more robust exercise. initially what we looked forward to was on the initial capabilities exercise, the initial day, is to build a lot more friction into it. it's working through the orders. what constitutes the approval to enter i
that is to be used by the air force, the navy and the marine kerp. it's the replacement for the f-16 for the air force, for a number of other planes for the marines and navy. supposed to be our new, advanced, all-purpose fighter jet. it was a plane that was supposed to be in the skies fighting now. still in development. it's an incredibly troubled program. it's a program that has gone tens of billions of dollars over budget and i burrowed into this program as a way to write about the overall challenges of trimming the defense budget because this program is in some ways singular in terms of its cost overruns and delays and the way it's been structured to, as i write in the piece, its most effective defensive attribute may not be its ray dars and sensors and missiles and stealth technology and ability to fly at supersonic speeds, it may well be the way it's designed to evade budget cutters in washington. >> more sunday at 8:00 on c-span's "q & a." the national action network recently held its annual convention in new york city. in one session, three generations of civil rights leaders discuss the
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several years. my attention and focus has been, obviously, from the first marine expeditionary forces perspective and our close partnership, the third fleet and expeditionary strike group 3 in supporting fleet week. clearly filling in for admiral roughhead i'm going to have to elevate my comments and move to a little bit different level. the department of defense is very comprehensively represented here at fleet week this year, more so than ever before. we have a representative from the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and american security affairs in the audience and they were here in august when we did our exercise with the city. fema is well represented and we have several defense coordinating officers here over the past couple of days. certainly the california national guard is represented heavily here. obviously they are going to be the first guys to respond to a disaster and they have several interesting roles not only from a state perspective but as they get federalized or with the dual status commander managing federal response and federal authorities of m
engagements but really what we're going to hear from her is an amazing story about the marine corps's activities in afghanistan and creating and promoting safe school environments for young girls and women. colonel barry newman is someone i met back in 2003. i at the time was chief officer for the city and county of san francisco serving in the administration of then-mayor willy brown. and general myat and i were talking about putting together a table top exercise and in came from some exercises from the marine corps and barry newman was a very energetic officer in the marine corps. he has gone over to afghanistan, i went over and saw him there, he was attached to the kabul police chief. i think he's going to have some interesting perspectives about working in the police department in a war zone. lieutenant commander patricia serrano, her assignments have been varied includes working as a immediate vaek core man, a legal clerk and a tqm instructor. she completed a 7-month deployment. captain mike napolitano is serving with the navy's expedition training group. while deployed
is under arrest accused of two carjackings in marin and sonoma county. police arrested him last night at the bon air shopping center in greenbrae. they say they found several hundred bullets, a loaded rifle and six 30-round mag steins -- magazines. he reportedly pointed a loaded rifle at a woman's head before the carjacking. we spoke to -- we spoke to her. >> the whole time, i was like i can't believe no one is walking close enough to me to ask for help. >> according to investigators, he was trying to get to the russian consulate in san francisco where he was planning to seek asylum. >>> president obama confirmed there's some evidence that syria has used chemical weapons against its own people. sal castanedo joins us live with mr. obama's warning to the president of syria. sal? >> good afternoon, tori. the president continues his tough talk toward the government of syria and president bash arail asad -- bashar assad. u.s. and u.n. regulators suspect syria has used a small amount of gas. today the president sauled this a game changer not only for the united states but for the entire i
.and no one else was hurt in the incident. starting today three bay area counties marin, san mateo, and santa clara will implement county wide sales tax increases. the sales tax in marin is going up to 8-point- five from 8-point0-two-five san mateo county tax will now be nine-percent up from 8-point-5-percent and santa clara will now by 8-point-seven-five. 20 cities across the bay area and nearby, from sacramento to campbell are having their sales tax raised. on our states website ca dot gov you can see a breakdown of what cities are raising their sales tax. these small percentage sales tax increases for most purchases will just mean a few pennies. but it adds up when making bigger purchases. for example on a $1,000 refrigerator purchased in san mateo county with the new tax rate will add an extra $5 in sales tax. and a for a $25,000 vehicle it would add an additional $125 in tax. regular season baseball officially kicks off tonight for bay area baseball teams. the oakland a's are set to take on the seattle mariners tonight at the o-dot-co coliseum at 7:05. meanwhile, the san francisco giants
, and a marine corp. offers who served two combat tours in iraq "dust to dust" weaves together his childhood, marine training, and deployment in the worst of the war in iraq. please become benjamin bush. [applause] brian served three tours of duty in the middle east, two as the commander of an an explosive di poe sal unit in iraq. when he returned them to his wife and family, he struggled with an unshakable feeling of fear and survivor's guilt, the story of war and the life that follows shows the toll it takes on the men and women that fight it. please welcome him. [applause] thank you so much and enjoy. >> thank you, sir. do i sit here or stand up there? i'll just sit. first of all, it's a real honor to be here at the miami book fair. i want to thank every involved, especially mitch who got me involved, a true honor to be on a pam with two veterans, benjamin with the marines, and brian with the air force. i -- i don't belong on a panel with people who actually lived through it, although, my book is about war as well, and then lastly, there are some other veterans in the book who are actuall
thing you want after you just got married. >> tonight marin ballet celebrates 50 years on local stage. >> and plans for a >>> if you use a san mateo bridge you can expect delays. starting friday night the far left lane of the westbound approach to the toll plaza will be closed. it's part of a project to install a new toll collection system. that work should wrap up by 5:00 a.m. monday but following weekend weekday travelers will be impacted by one toll lane closure each day. >> parrin ballet celebrating 50 years of service this year bringing back some alumni for a reunion. one pefsh former is now a major artist with boston ballet came from humble beginnings here in the bay area. >> dancer john lamb is coming home to dance. >> it's been a part of my life and career and i think it's great to come back and celebrate. >> the current director was artistic director at marin ballet yearsing acrow. the ballet provided this interview and john's interview. >> when john saw tremendous potential. >> john didn't have the same advantages. >> parents are refugees from vietnam. >> his family lived in
at the marines memorial, this is a fabulous program, we had a great medical exchange yesterday. senior leaders seminar third year in a row has gotten a lot of attention. we have a lot of new people who haven't been here for the past couple years, we have a lot of people who have been here for the last 3 years, and one of the major consistent people who has been behind this whole program is the chairman of the san francisco fleet week association, general -- major general mike myers who i'm going to ask to come up and make is remarks. >> thank you, lewis. when i accepted the responsibilities for organizing san francisco's fleet week, the guidance given to me by our honorary co-chair was bring the fleet back to fleet week and make it productive with a mission. lewis has played a big part. i would like to introduce the third fleet commander, this is his ship, we're grateful to be on the ship and had the third fleet with us, please help me welcome vice admiral gerald beeman. >> good morning, everybody, thank you so very much for joining us. i know some of you thought i was the warm up band f
by the marine corps, flew them down to moffatt where they had an overview perspective how things work from a military perspective, they saw a c130 outfitd for patient transport by the national guard. they got to see the national guard's capabilities down there, the coast guard's capabilities. they got experience of what the marine corps has to offer. it was the smorgasbord of mill capability. as we contemplate the idea of medical surge and how do we deal with a thousand people in a hospital parking lot, we have to be creative. the only way we can do that is we have to know what are the options out there, what are the game pieces, what's the apps in the apps store? what can we ask for? by understanding some of these capabilities and looking beyond the obvious i think we're going to be able to develop some really cool medical surge plans and capitalize on the partnership between dod and the civilian world and i don't want to discount the other partners because this happens, this comes up every year and i have to say that it comes up every time we get lectured about there's the state, th
will remain a valuable option. the army and marine corps also have an important role to play. the army has 91,000 soldiers civilians assigned to the pacific and maintains a forward presence of eight active for grade combat teams, 12 batteries of patriots -- active brigade combat teams, 12 batteries of patriots. the paycom commander regains controls of the other soldiers assigned to the region. as part of this regionally- aligned rotational concept, army units assigned to paycom focus on specific mission profiles, such as bilateral and trilateral training exercises and building partnership capacity. i should also add during the months of sequestration and beyond, the army is preferentially protecting the readiness and modernization of the more than 19,000 soldiers we have in south korea. so that they are able to decisively respond to any north korean provocation. the marines also have an important role to play in the pacific. arehly 18,000 marines forward-deployed in the region. split between the fighter squadron, the third marine expeditionary force, and are one, the new rifle company. the ma
cities will cost you more. tax rates are now breaking down as marin county 8.5 and san rafael and novato will pay 9%. tax breaks in santa clara is 8.34 and you will now have to pay 9% and that rate is 9 and quarter. we got mixed reaction from residents and some say it is another expense they cannot afford. >> these are very high and i don't think we can afford it. not only are we facing rent increase but we are facing food raising and everything, you name it. >> they say it is necessary to help with improvements. >>> and the city is giving a heart-felt welcome back to one of their own. firefighter and medic helped to fight a three-alarm fire at st. patrick's cathedral. quick action saved his live at a welcome back breakfast at station one and members of the department said they were glad to see him and he said he was glad to go back to work. >> i feel healthy and strong and happy to go back. >> they said firefighters never left his side while he was in the hospital and they raised money to bring over his family to help with his recovery. >>> and the university will hold two memorial conc
for senate. >>> and for ten years, a marine has been hiding the american flag wrapped around the statue of saddam hussein before it fell. that marine will join me tonight and tell us what that flag has come to mean to him. capella university understands rough economic times have led to an increase in clinical depression. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at it's healthier, ammonia-free. and with aloe, vitamin e, and coconut oil, my hair looks healthier than before i colored. i switched. you should too, to natural instincts. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. >>> a candidate that supported a ban on assault weapons won special
of the coast maritime marines on security and budget cuts. it was part of the navy league expo here in washington. it is about one hour, 20 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. panel. to this morning's first, i would like to say how pleased and honored i am to be able to moderate this panel this morning. i am usually not known for my moderation. .his is a great opportunity the older you get, the more new experiences you have. i was always told the first day that i was sworn in as secretary of the navy, never go to a ribbon-cutting unless you are cutting the ribbon. and today i broke the best role -- i broke that rule. nevertheless, it is a pleasure. it is a special pleasure. the navy league has never been more important to the country and to world security than it is today. as the great dr. johnson said, nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of hanging. and today the senior leadership of our naval services really need our help of clear again and dialogue. this form is unique. as i look about today, and i saw earlier the quality of the people that we have attending from indu
are looking at areas in marin county where fog could be a hazard. you are looking a little bit of reduced speed. 55 miles an hour out of lucas valley and into san rafael. >> eric: next, dramatic video of a bus engulfed in flames and the scare for people who weren't on the bus. >> and emergency surgery overnight for the college player that horrified the sports world. here is this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes. will sony play station four be hard to get. they have been monitoring the redesigned game console and they predict demand will outpace supplies. and bio shock won 80 game awards dan ackerman says the game lives up to the hype. >> it's a lot of fun but also very smart. something a lot of games really don't manage to nail. game mixes action and adventure and a lot of historical context. >> bio shock infinite is available for x-box and play station. >> google alarmed everyone that youtube is coming to an end. the site has been an eight year contract to pick >> eric: good morning, 4:42. live look from roof cam towards san francisco. what you can't see in the picture is t
away from marin county to the san francisco side. we are not looking at traffic. we have a little bit of construction north of the area. i will have the details in a little bit. we have some construction going on in san francisco and this is along 101 southbound to eastbound 80 transition, it will be closed until 6:00 a.m. and we are looking at slowing out there, also, down to mountain view we have construction out there, as well, headed down from the south shore freeway southbound 85 to highway 280, southbound 85 between the 237 highway and 280 that will be shut down until 5:00 a.m. today. >> this morning, the connecticut legislature will approve a bill creating the nation's toughest gun laws four months after the sandy hook elementary school school shooting. the measure includes background checks for all gun sales, a ban on all new gun magazines that hold ten bullets or more, and people would already own high-capacity magazines must register them. 20 in 1st grade and six staff members died in the massacre. parents say the law does not go far enough. >> pyongyang is banning south kor
the weekend weather will be different than from today in just a few minutes. >> dan: in marin county tonight, sheriff investigators are piecing clues after dozens of shots were fired. two children and mother were nearly victims of the violence. sergio quintana is in the newsroom with details. >> reporter: those two children were part of two different families that live less than a mile from each other in marin city. witnesses toll us was a running gunfight between shooters in two different vehicles. >> she was sitting in the back seed of an suv with her daughter summer sitting beside her. they were just about to get home when they saw two cars speeding behind them. >> she pulled right over from the near the house. >> three-year-old summer was hit by a bullet fragment. meanwhile, julian was in the living room with the young son when he heard the shots coming from the street. >> i hear the cars coming because you could hear the engines. i hear four shots, bap, bap, i tell my son to get down. i'm a little angry because, i mean, who wants to think about their child being shot up. >> reporter: mo
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